Part 16: My 16 months of journey with WAWCAS has come to an end

I have been in the WAWCAS group for 16 months now. Time just flies.

Very surprisingly 16 months have already rushed by, and I cannot believe this. I remember the first time Samjhana came to our village. I did not know anything at that time. Now I am not the same Ram Kumari anymore. I am very different now, because now I can discuss with anyone, and I am not scared to discuss issues with other people. I did not miss one hour of training and meeting, I participated in all the meetings and trainings, and as a result I feel so good and confident about myself.  These last 16 months have been full of joy. I have learned so many behavioral and social things which plays a dynamic role in my life now. All the tools I got in this period are very useful, and I have learned so much.

PCA taught me how to diminish my expenses and how to save my income.
Likewise, SWOT also made me understand that I have so many strengths within myself. I was able to change many of my weaknesses into strengths.
PSRP taught me how to analyze myself and recognize how to look back and compare my life today with the life I had before.
Not only these tools, but also issue based training (IBT), are very impressive and knowledgeable things for me. Every topic of IBT helped me to learn new things, and also brought many social changes into my life. Today, whenever I look back, I feel so happy that my life has changed, and I am so proud. After having completed the 16 months of the WAWCAS program, we decided to run our group as self-help group.

We received the exit training where, again, we learn so many new things. During the training we have developed our “Five Years Vision” and “One Year Detail Plan”, and we also planned and organized Women’s day on March 8, 2020.

I would like to give my special thanks to Samjhana. Without her support this would not have been possible.

Dear Reader,
It is time to say goodbye for now. It has been 16 months of learning so much from the program and from Ram as well. I would like to thank Ram Kumari for sharing her ups and down with me. She is such a brave woman. I have seen her changing during this period. Thank you to all readers who have followed Ram Kumari. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as me.

With regards,
Samjhana Chaudhary