Part 16: My 16th months’ journey

It feels like yesterday when Keshav came to me and asked to share my experience. Keshav asked for approval to post my blog in WAWCAS International. I was not sure how it will go at that time, but he told me that it’s a blog of my 16 months of experience in WAWCAS. Time flies very fast, cause I have already completed the 16 months. To see the changes, I’ve made from the time I started joining the wawcas program till today is amazing. I feel happy and blessed. If I had to compare myself from then and now, I have development so much personal and business wise.

You can see my development in Leadership Skills, Behavior towards children, Nutrition, Sanitation and so on from my previous blogs.

Also, I’ve made other positive changes over these 16 months such as the habit of keeping records of my income, expenses and a journal of my own business. I feel so proud that the wawcas program learned me to increase and add on my business. The wawcas members gives each other the opportunity to inspire and motivate each other to make their business grow. The support is unbelievable and it’s all thanks to the WAWCAS program. There are thousands of sisters like me, engaged in this program whose life has completely changed. It makes me so proud and happy to see their positive changes. I want to wish the whole WAWCAS team for their better future and they could help other women like us to bring positive change in their lives economically and socially. And I would also like to thank all readers who have read about all the changes in me engaging in WAWCAS.


Dear Reader,

I am really happy today, I have no words to explain the positive changes Dilkumari have brought in her life.  Being a deprived woman; economic, social and mental, changes she brought as a member of one of the WAWCAS groups is appreciable.

I want to thank Dilmaya to share her sorrow, grief, and happiness with me. I want to thank SLISHA and WAWCAS International who gave me this opportunity to write a blog.  Also, I would like to thank all my readers who have followed 16th months with us.  Now the time has come to say goodbye. With the hope to meet again goodbye, for now, stay healthy and happy.

With my personal best regards,
Keshav Parasd Adhikari