Part 4: Very Fruitful Training

After having been selected to the WAWCAS program, more than anything, the training was so much on my mind. I was wondering what kind of training was going to be held, and what would I will learn from the training. All such questions filled my mind.

Finally, the day arrived. Our training was from 07.00 am to 12.00 pm. It was freezing cold, but most of the women wanted to have the training from 07.00 am, and therefore we decided to have the training in the morning.

I woke up early and did the household. My husband helped me doing the rest of the work. Finally, I went to the training.  Most of the women were already there including Sworup. After some time, everyone had arrived, and the training started. Sworup and another trainer started up the training. The trainers started to put a piece of paper on the back of each woman. On the papers there were pictures, and Sworup told us to find a similar picture. In this way we fould our partner, and it was fun. After this, Sworup told us to know the name, address, like, dislike and business we wanted to start the present in front. I told my partner that it was a funny introduction.

The training was very fruitful. During the training, I felt that it was totally based on us. Every topic, every story, and the games were very good. I learned a lot from the training. The best part for me was PCA (pocket chat analysis). I wanted to reduce my daily expenses, but I did not know how to do it, but from the PCA I was able to calculate my total expenses.

Now I know what my expenses are. It also helps me to plan the next month. Time management was also a good lesson to learn – being an individual, having many roles and to fulfill my responsibility, as well as time to invest and the importance of time. It helped me to know how and where to invest time. Which work should I give more and less priority. The story and its moral was the best for me. I was very happy to be a member of WAWCAS.

Using more examples in the training helped us to understand more. I was very inspired by the puzzle game, because every single piece played an important role in the total picture. We learned about the importance of the members in a group. This touched me a lot. By this puzzle game, I became aware of the value of the group, and how a single member is important to run the group smoothly and effectively. Every day I shared with my husband and children what I have learned. This helps me provide a good feeling.

The training has really helped me to bring change into my daily activities. Each and every day I have learned a new thing. This training helped me to know myself better. It helped me to know about my strengths, weaknesses, behavior, etc.

I am so happy that I got the opportunity to be selected in the WAWCAS program and got this training. On the last day, we all got money for seed, and while receiving the money for seed, I was so happy, and I promised myself to be a successful business woman.