Part 1 – We are all one

This Child Group  is located in Shale Dhamelikuwa. It was my 1st meeting with the children. Altogether 25 children were present in this 1st meeting.  We began with an introduction but most of the children knew about us allready and they were saying our names in loud voices: “We know you!  You are our mom’s trainer, right?  Are you also going to teach us ?”  They know about our organization and program and they also know the objectives of our program through their moms. This makes us feel proud as LPLs. They share how they feel when their mother joins the WAWCAS Group and what their mothers share about WAWCAS with them. They were excited to join the WAWCAS Child Group.

I asked them how they learnt of today’s meeting and most of the children got to know through their mothers. Some of the children said they had invited friends because we teach new topics and new games. The friends just want to learn together. Some of the friends were missing but the children asked me to please give them a chance to be with us in the next meeting. I asked them to explain all we discussed to their absent friends as well as with their family members.

I told the children about the objectives of our program and what a Child Group is in detail. After listening to everything, they were so excited about the next meeting. And they were requesting me to conduct a class for them on their every holiday. This is of course impossible for us to conduct meetings on all holidays, but I promised them that I will call a meeting with them as much as possible.

I asked them what kind of name will be good for our group.  They were saying so many names, but I wasn’t satisfied. Then I asked them how they would feel if we named our group “we all are one”, and they all agreed with me. I proposed this name because some of the children were feeling shy and nervous just to do the introduction. And some of the children were bullying other children. Therefore, just to make them feel well I explained that we all are one and we are equal. When some children are bullying other children, I told them that we will discuss their right to protection/safety. They have a right to a protected childhood and in this bullying is clearly prohibited. But we will discuss this in detail next time. All of them seem anxious.

In addition, they were requesting me to play games with them, as we do different games with their mothers. Some of the children already practiced the games with their mothers and some of the children shared stories which we have shared with their mothers. I asked them what their expectations were, and they came here to learn new things, different types of games, quiz, handwriting, and awareness of the program as well. So, we decided to discuss this in detail at the next meeting.

In conclusion, the children participated so actively in this 1st meeting. The meeting went very effectively. The children were very excited to share today’s activities with their families and friends and they were looking so much forward to the next meeting.

From my side, I am overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm among the children. Especially I am so satisfied to know, how the women share everything they learned in training with their families. Now I will try to give as much time as I can to the children.

Proudly LPL

Andika Pun