Part 15: WOW what an interesting visit

I have been eagerly waiting for this day to come, and now it is the day for our exploring visit to Chitwan.

The night before I could not sleep, because I was so excited about the visit. I woke up early in the morning and completed my household duties. Then I prepared tea for my sleeping husband and children. I woke them up, and we drank a cup of tea together. I asked my husband to follow me to the bus station, because it was still dark outside. I was worried that we were late to the bus, but then I saw my two friends waiting at the station. I was happy to see them, and I knew that I was in time for the bus. I said goodbye to my husband, and he left after dropping me off.

After half an hour of waiting, all our WAWCAS members arrived with good energy. We all took the bus, and it was so good to travel with all the members of our WAWAS group. Some of my friends started to sing a song. One of our friends brought a “madal” (local music instrument), and she started to play. Everyone was singing and dancing. Then all of a sudden the bus stopped, and we asked why the bus stopped. The driver said that we had arrived at Chitwan. We got out of the bus and followed the plan we had made. We started visiting the Maulakali Temple, which I have never seen before. On the way to the temple, I saw a new kind of fruit. I asked my friends and Ram Maya what the fruit was called. They did not know the name of the fruit. We all gathered and aked the owner of the shop. The owner told us that the fruit was called a “Star fruit”. We all decided to buy the fruit to taste it. I liked the fruit so much, that I decided to buy five more for my children and husband.

After the visit to the temple, we took a photo of our group, and after that we all had a very nice lunch. The entire group had the dish called Dalbhat with mutton curry. After lunch, we took the bus to visit the CG Village. CG Industrial Park (CGIP) is Nepal’s first very modern industrial village located at Nawalparasi district, 23 kilometres west of Narayanghat.  It was a very huge place, and I was totally confused about what we were doing there. Afterwards, I was told that one of the major businessmen, Mr. Chaudhary, developed this CG village in Chitwan, where we can see many developments.

They have many companies there, and it was too much for me. I was looking. They also contribute many things to the community there such as school sponsorship programs, small women development projects etc., so we learned that development can be done via business.

We learned so much that day, and we had a very good day. Time flies, and we went back tired and filled up with good experiences. On the way back, we saw another fruit called “Dragon fruit”, which I have never seen before, and I asked the owner how much it cost per kilo? He answered that the fruit cost 500 rupees per kilo, which unfortunately was too expensive for me, and therefore I did not buy it.

In the evening, Ram Maya asked us about the trip, whether we liked some experiences more than others, and what we had learned. I told the group that I really liked the CG Village, and that I have learned so much from the trip. It was inspiring an motivating for me to experience this. It is something I will never forget. We have an amazing group and group leader – I am happy and blessed.