Part 15: My business journey with my beloved husband

My business was is going well, so I’m interested to add one more business. Unfortunately our economic status isn’t satisfactory and therefore we don’t have the resources.

My husband had the skill of making statues, and I want to support him with our own statue-business. Right now, my husband makes statues for another businessman in wages.

I really feel bad seeing him doing work for other people, but as I said earlier we don’t have money.

The disadvantages for working for other people is that, they are scolding, they pay wages too late, also they don’t give proper wages for the work and time to time they use to give mental torture to my husband.

I feel sorry for him because I’ve been experienced same problems and situations. Mostly my husband comes home with a sad face after returning from work. I’m so worried but we don’t have other choices. He often ask me: “How many days do we have to work as slaves for other people.”

My poultry is running good and profitable. I still have this idea of starting our own statue-business, because of my husbands skills. I have some money saved and a small loan from the group, which we planned to start the business with. My husband agreed to visit a supplier and to marketing our new business. He already knows the supplier and was still surprised that he agreed to buy a statute from us.

After working so hard, we don’t want to lose this great opportunity. In the initial we manage at the same place where we use to live, we did a small partition where we can make the statue. Firstly, we have started with 5 statues, now we have materials for 40-50 statues. In our small workshop, we make statues of different god and goddess-like Buddha, Manjushree, Nataraj, Saraswoti, etc. from this we have monthly around 30,000 profit excluding all the expenses. We also hired one person to help in our workshop. Today, my satisfaction has no limit. I also help him in my leisure time. My husband is also happy. Now, I want to increase our workshop by adding 4-5 workers.