Part 15 – The saddest days in my life

April 2023

We are seven sisters and one brother. My parents wanted to have a son and therefore after seven sisters, we had one brother. Unfortunately, he is physically weak. Since we are so many children, my parents could not afford to send us to school. My father passed away when we were children, and everything was on the shoulders of my mother.   When my father passed away, I more sad than ever before in my life.


My mother and us sisters work very hard and my younger brother’s health is very bad. But we cannot take him to the hospital for treatment. We also got married early, but unfortunately my married life was not stable. My husband had an affair with another girl, and he got married with her. Since then, I am staying with my mother and younger brother.

A few days ago, my mother passed away.

And I’m in a shock.


These are truly the saddest days of my life.


My mother was 85 years old, and I should have prepared myself for this. But it was beyond my capacity, and I spent day and nights taking care of my mother. But now she passed away. Today is the 13th day of her departure.

When Pabitra came to meet me, I could not stop the tears in my eyes. I recall all the discussions Pabitra had with my mother. We both cried a lot. I know everybody has to go forever one day but accepting that my mother is no more here is very tough. I don’t know how I will take care of my disabled brother.

Pabitra tries to encourage me. Tell me that I will manage effectively. She says that everyone has to go. This is the rule of nature, and we have to accept it and move on.

After Pabitra left I felt better.


But moving on is very, very hard.