Part 15 – Effective Learning on Time Management

April 2023

At first, Namaste to all my readers. Talking about my current situation, I am doing fine with my Goat Farming business and with my new additional Bee Farming Business. My Husband is helping me to run both businesses very smoothly.


Today I am going to share about my experience and learning regarding “Time Management”. I still remember when Sajan asked all of us: “What is that equal resource that the god has provided us equally?”. To this question all of us told the different answers according to our logic but we failed to answer it correctly. Therefore we asked Sajan to answer it. He then answered: “Time is the equal resource that nature has been providing all of us equally”. After hearing his answer, we all were satisfied, and then he asked us another question: “What roles are we being playing so far?” To this question, everyone again told different answers. After hearing everyone, Sajan asked what is the link between time and roles? To this question also everyone answered differently.  After hearing all of us Sajan said that each of us have different roles in our family. We should fulfill our roles and responsibilities according to situation and time. We learned that we cannot have different roles at the same time, and we should manage a proper time for every relationship we have. We have to talk with the related person and discuss with him or her to solve the problem. This will make the relationship better. I learned that every woman could succeed in business by prioritizing each role.

After discussing about roles, we then discussed about the different works and activities that we have been doing so far. Sajan then asked us to categorize the works in to four parts: 1) very urgent and very important, 2) Urgent but not Important, 3) Important but not urgent, 4) Not important and not urgent. As told, we categorize our works into these four parts and analyzed that most of us have been spending our time in not important and not urgent category such as excessive use of mobile phones, watching TV series, sleeping in daytime, consumption of alcohol etc. I also checked my time that has been unnecessary being wasted in not important and not urgent category. It’s around 2-3 hours per day.

After this session I learned, I should plan our daily activities and spend our time effectively on the productive work that is in my business. We should avoid unproductive activities so that our work would not be harm. After realizing the value of time, I have been scheduling my activities and giving more priority to my business instead of unproductive works. On every visits, Sajan keeps asking me how I’m managing my time. If I’m working according to the schedule or not?

This topic helps us to be practical in our life. I used to spend my extra time using my phone and watching series whenever I want. Now I have changed totally. I used to always leave my household activities for tomorrow, but now I have improved this habit. I have learned that if we utilized our time very effectively with the current situation then we will become successful women for sure. Therefore now a days I have been providing more time towards my business and fulfilling my roles and responsibilities towards my family.