Part 14 – I am very happy and satisfied

March 2023

I am the vice chairperson of this WAWCAS group. After seeing my capacity, leadership, and practical knowledge my relatives and neighborhood look at me as their role model. Now I have also been invited to community meetings and I am participating in all the community meetings and sharing my thoughts and views regarding how to make a good community and what our role should be to make a good community.

I always share what I learn from WAWCAS group training. I disseminate the information about WAWCAS program and friends like me have shown a great interest to become a member of WAWCAS group. I manage my time and participate in the meeting with positive suggestions. There, I don’t miss an opportunity to talk about the issues and challenges women and children are facing.

While talking about the program, I formed a group of interested women who were not in the program and informed the organization. They are now new WAWCAS group.

WAWCAS has taken an initiative to bring in front thousands of women like us who have the skills but are not able to identify the opportunity. With this, I too am committed that no women in the community as targeted by the WAWCAS are left behind.

Looking at the women in the WAWCAS group whom I have helped forming are doing their businesses, feeding balanced diet to their children, sending them to school regularly, their family living in harmony and bonding between women in the community.

I feel proud. Now I am very happy and satisfied.