Part 15 – Importance of PSRP

April 2023

Participatory Self-Review Programme (PSRP) is a tool for us to elucidate our social and economic situation and behavior. All the IBT (Issue Based Training) topics and PSRP are inter-related with each other, and Tribina always does follow-up to determine, if I am able to meet my plan – or not.

The other day Tribina came to my house and helped me to fill out this form. At first, I felt a little bit uncomfortable to share my personal situation according to the questionnaire. If we had to do this in the group, the actual condition wouldn’t come out. I had many actions which I needed to do. In the group, Tribina had trained us in various topics: What is the problem? How is it done. So I started to handle things according to the discussion in the meetings, and this helped me a lot to improve my situation. I got a chance to change it in a positive way.

I used to think, that I could never make my relation good with my husband, in-laws and some neighbors. After the training, I changed my way to treat and connect with them. Therefore, the programme assist me to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Tribina keeps following up in every home visit. And motivate to improve my unhealthy behavior.

The process of doing PSRP is actually simple. Every topic such as conflict, violence, sanitation, women’s right and so on, has different questions associated with the topic, and each question is linked to four answer options; always, never, sometimes and not applicable.

We are supposed to read the questions and tick the right answer. This tool helps us to reflect upon our life. I answer the question genuinely so that I could further understand in which situations I have to refine myself. This technique has been playing a vital role for me to realize myself.

I used to think, that I did well in every activity. But those questions made me realize how careless I have been. After finishing Implementation 1 Month, I found my situation bad, and I needed to work with myself to improve. Now, I have finished Implementation 12 Months. When I look back at myself, I see many changes in various expects of my life. I will continue to use this tool as it helps me realize where I am and where I am going.