Part 14 – We will reduce domestic violence in our Community

As usual, I was busy with my own business. I was feeding my goats and chickens, when I heard someone quarrel as usual, and therefore I left my work and ran to Kunti’s house. Kunti is a very active WAWCAS member, but she is suffering from the fact that her son always hits her. Whenever she suffers, we support her. Three months back when the son hit Kunti, we called the police and the son was put in jail, but after five days he came out and started the harassing and beating his mother again.

We are very sad about his behavior, and we have threatened him many times. He always promises to change his behavior, but he never does. We understand his situation, but the way he hits and harassing Kunti is very awful.  We have discussed the problem, but still the son is so aggressive towards his mother. We cannot control him, and therefore we called the Police, and they took him to the police station. This kind of violence can be seen in our community. I personally have not experienced such problems, and before I did not use to involve in other people’s problems. But after the IBT of domestic violence, I realized that there are different types of violence. Previously, I only thought that scolding or beating was known as violence. But due to the IBT I now know more about violence such as financial violence, mental violence, social violence, physical violence, sexual violence, and I know about our rights.

After the IBT of domestic violence, all the members discussed the problem and decided to have a meeting with ward members about the situation of domestic violence in the community and how to reduce it. The ward chairperson was very positive and promised to support us with whatever we needed. After the meeting, we felt so good, and now we are sure that we will be able to reduce the domestic violence in our community.

We are having our regular meetings, and the police came again to discuss domestic violence and laws about domestic violence. Now we know more, and now we also understand the rules which will definitely help to reduce domestic violence in the future.