Del 15 – The darkest day of my life

As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs, I have two sons. The youngest son lives in Kathmandu and is in 12th grade. My oldest son was living with me and helping me with my business. My heart aches to inform you that my eldest son is no longer with us. I feel restless and broken. My son passed away two weeks ago due to a chronic kidney disease.

About four years ago, he was in Saudi Arabia working in a factory. He used to send some money to me to support the family. While he was in Saudi Arabia, he suddenly got very sick and was admitted to the hospital. After checking his whole body, the doctor informed him that his kidney was not functioning properly. Therefore, he decided to return back to Nepal. He asked the company manager if he could go to Nepal for his health check-up. The company manager approved his leave, and he came to Nepal. I went to the airport to pick him up, and then we stayed for a couple of days in our relative’s house. The next day we went to the government hospital in Kathmandu for his health check-up. After finishing all the check-up procedures, the doctor informed us that there was an infection in his kidney. The doctor prescribed some medicine and asked us to come back if he got sick again. After a few days rest and taking the medicine he felt fine, so we went back to our village. He decided not to return to Saudi Arabia, since his health had not fully recovered. I was happy with his decision since he had returned to Nepal after so many years. He stayed with me and helped me with my goat business and agricultural works. The days were passing by, but he was not as strong as before, and therefore we went to Kathmandu a couple of times for follow-up on check-ups.

A morning two weeks ago he had difficulty breathing, and his whole body was swollen. I immediately called an ambulance, but before it arrived, he took his last breath and left this world. I felt lifeless and broke down, as he was the pillar of the house.

All my relatives have come to take care of me. I am still very sad about the loss of my son. I have no energy and feel that I cannot move on.