Part 14 – Impact of child groups

March 2023

My two sons are part of a child group. I like the concept of child groups. In the process of growing up, our children have become so careless on everything: they have become so rude, stubborn, always playing games on phone and so on. Because of this attitude of our children, child groups have become the one element to attract us to the WAWCAS program. Parents like us are very tired of children’s behavior, so we thought it would play a vital role to bring positive changes in our children. I have observed hope of change in the children during sessions of the child group.

The children of our community are really excited to be part of the groups. I wasn’t expecting they would respect or obey Tribina, but later I saw they were enjoying the meeting and got a chance to play games. After the sessions of the first child group they kept asking Tribina, when will the next meeting be?

According to my personal thoughts, the child group has brought so many changes to my two son’s behavior. They have started taking bath before they go to the child group meeting. Nowadays, they concentrate on their studies and they do their daily activities according to the schedule they have made during their session. It brought a lot of improvements to them. Now, they have overcome on playing mobile games. They have started giving time for us, ask what we are doing or ask if we need any help. They respect us and listen to us more than before. It makes me so happy. The children get a chance to learn from each other and they function as role models for each other. They learn the importance of teamwork, and therefore it helps them to understand social life and they develop social skills.

Children are affected by bad friend circles, so I am always worried about it. We have the habit of always scolding them to do their things and never give them time enough. But now I have learned that we must give them time. If we expect our children to be a good person, at first we have to become a role model for them where they see and learn from us. Therefore, I am working on it.

After every session of the child group my sons come to me and tell me what they have discussed in the session. In the child group they receive information about child rights and development, nutrition, sanitation and so on. My oldest son helps me on diary writing as well. And they have decrease having junk foods and instead focused on homemade foods. These behaviors show that they are lifting their personality.

All the children in the groups are adapting to be respectful and good human beings. Child groups are a very influential role in their lives and I believe the children will become responsible and good citizens in this country.