Part 14 – Diary Writing

Thinking about the present situation, I am doing well with my business, since everything is slowly moving back to normal life. Even though the outside world seems normal, I have still been following the precautionary measures against Covid-19 which I have learnt in the IBT Training from Sajan. I have been wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance whenever I leave the house and use public transport.  

Today I am going to share my diary writing experience after having joined the WAWCAS team. Before joining the WAWCAS team, I really did not know what diary was used for. On the second last day of the “7-Days Training”, everyone, including me, got an individual diary. Then Sajan explained to everyone the importance of diary and what it is used for. Since that day I have been writing in the diary. I have kept’s a record of my monthly expenses and income in my diary, which really helped me analyzing my expenses and income. It also helped me to reduce the unnecessary expenses. Similarly, I have also written down the daily activities that I have been doing, before going to bed. It really helped me to reflect on the day’s activities. I have never allocated the time before, but after having learned about the importance of diary writing, I have been giving myself 10 minutes every day to review and reflect on the day. Nowadays, I feel relaxed after having expressed my feelings in the diary.  

Every three months I have also been filling in the SWOT and PCA forms in the diary as well, which helps me to analyze and reflect on my behaviors. Filling in the PCA form helps me to reduce and control unnecessary expenses. I am very grateful to the WAWCAS program for showing me the right path and providing me with the knowledge. Without the help from the WAWCAS program and support from Sajan, I would never have been able to change myself and my life. So once again, thank you for your help and support.