Part 12 – A very effective tool

Small efforts can make considerable changes. Through the time I have been involved in the WAWCAS program, I have learned many things. It has helped me to change the perspective of life. It has made me more aware and taught me many useful things. Before, I used to be a housewife, but due to WAWCAS, I now have my own business, I can help my husband with our financial income, and I know my rights and responsibilities. Everything I have learned, like all the Issues Based Training (IBT), PCA, Training, SWOT etc., are very useful and helpful and have changed our daily life.

During the training period, Sworup has talked about our strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunity. He told us that we have to build on our strengths, boost our weaknesses, defeat any threats and exploit our opportunities.

He also told us that he will check our SWOT every three months. But we have to do our SWOT analysis every month by ourselves. He also gave us a dairy. I started to use that dairy. Every month I make my SWOT analysis which has helped me to change my behavior and my business too.

Before the SWOT analysis I never thought about my strengths and weaknesses, but after the analysis I found that I have many weaknesses. As we discussed with Sworup, he told us that “we should change our weaknesses to strengths”. Firstly, I did not know much about time management, then Sworup gave us the idea about time management and helped me to make my daily schedule and register unnecessary time. He also taught me how to reduce it and change it into important work. This made me realize that small efforts can make considerable changes.

Before joining WAWCAS, I used to be very nervous when I havd to speak in public. During the trainings Sworup, together with the other staff of the WAWCAS program, made us confident to speak in public.  He helps me to be more confident.