Part 2: I am excited about the next meeting

After the Information Sharing Meeting, the first meeting where we hear about the WAWCAS Program,  Sworup suddenly arrived at my house. I was busy in my kitchen. I saw Sworup standing in front of my house holding some white papers in his hand. He greeted me, and I asked him to come in for a cup of tea and told him to have a seat, while I was making the tea. I would finish my household chores, but Sworup asked my permission to enter my kitchen. I was a bit nervous, as my small kitchen was messy and dirty, but I allowed him to enter my small tiny kitchen. I gave him a small straw mat to sit on. Sworup is a very tall and big guy, so my small straw mat was too small for him, but he managed.

Sworup started our conversation very informally, and he asked me what I had learned about the WAWCAS program. He asked if I had shared it with my family. While he was asking the questions, I noticed that he was looking around everywhere. I informed him that I had already discussed it with my husband, and he was very happy for me to be a member of the WAWCAS program. Sworup nodded his head with a big warm smile.

He also talked to my daughter and asked her about school, grade, age etc. He also asked her why she was not in school that day. Then he reminded me again, that the program is not only for women but also for our children.  They must go to school.

Sworup talked to me for a while about my family members and how my in-laws behave towards me. How my husband behaves, and if he is helpful. But I have never shared my personal matters with other people, so I was scared to share this with him, and therefore I told him that we could talk about it during his next visit. He understood and accepted it. He also asked me whether I had thought about what type of business I would like to start. Actually, I had not been thinking about it, and I honestly told him that.

Sworup also asked me whether I had read the success story from another woman, which he had given to me at the first meeting. I had read it, and the story was so motivating. And finally he told me that the next meeting would take place in two days, and that the final decision whether I would be selected for the group or not, would be based on our economic ranking, which I did not know. But I am sure it will be clear to me during the next meeting, which I am excited about, and I look forward to that meeting.