Part 13: So Proud to support Women like me in WAWCAS

I have decided to move out from the place I used to live in. I want to find a bigger place for me and my business. My rent was expensive. Now I live 7Km from Khokana. My place is bigger compared to the other one. Thanks to the WAWCAS program I met other women whose economic and social situation was similar as mine.  I was excited to help the women and to change their life’s. I wanted them to be in the WAWCAS program. I inform them about the program and its objectives, tried to convince them to participate in the program. At first, they didn’t believe me but I convince them again and also shared my own experiences and changes this program has brought in me. Most of them liked the program, they were interested to be a member of the program and asked me to inform SLISHA. I called Keshav informing him about the situation of the women and asked him to form a group. Keshav was so happy and thanked me a lot. He also asked me to gather the interested member and organize an Information Sharing Meeting on their convenient day and time. As per the decided date, he came on time and shared more about the program. Not only the interested women but also their husbands participated in the meeting. Everyone was happy to be part of the program. I also participated in the meeting and shared my experiences. I again encouraged them to be part of the program.

After completion of all the process groups of 26 members was formed, training was organized and everyone got seed money to start their business.

Now, they have started their business. I am very glad for their efforts. They thanks me for introducing them to such a good program. I feel very happy that I got an opportunity to help women like me to change their life, their children their family and the society.

There were no restaurants or cafés where the 7 days training was conducted. Hence Nixon and Keshav request me if I could prepare lunch for the entire training. This was a great opportunity for me, therefore without thinking a second I agreed to prepare lunch for the training period. Of course, I had to work more BUT I earned some additional income.

I am blissful; the women I was trying to help are now the member of WAWCAS program. Waouw. I am so proud of myself. They now have the same opportunities that I had; an opportunity to be independent and ensure a better future for their children and family.

I just can’t wait to see them grow in their life and cherish it.