Part 13: I have a dream building my own small house

I am so happy. When I started my goat farming business, I had never dreamt that one day I would be a successful businesswoman. I was very scared, because I had no idea how it would go. I learned a lot during the WAWCAS group training. This year, I have sold goats for an amount of 55,000.00 rupees. My vision is to build a small house. My house was totally ruined due to the earthquake four years ago, and since that day I have lived in a small rented room. Now I think I can build my own house. I have also got the first installment of 50,000 rupees from the government. The government will provide altogether 300,000 rupees, and I will have to raise another 200,000 rupees to complete my house. I will start building my house this month, and I hope I will complete the construction after four months from now. No doubt there is insufficient funds for constructing a house, but I am sure that I will manage. I will sell some more goats in order to finish my house.

It is always difficult to manage everything being a single mother. My son promised to help med to raise funds for the house, but I am not sure how much he is able to support financially, since his salary is low. During the training I have learned, that if you have the commitment from your heart, you can achieve your dream, so I am hoping and looking forward to that.