Part 12: The winter business due

During saving meeting the secretary asked us in the group to apply for a loan. It’s one of the parts of starting your own business from scratch. My loan was a 6000 NPR loan witch gave me the opportunity to dream big. Right now I have plans for the additional business I want to start poultry farm as well. I am satisfied to have two business, but I know it’s really hard and I need to too stay focused.

I shared the news to my family at dinner, but my husband was not happy about it. We experienced last winter a big lost at our chicken farm. I get sad and confused when my husband doesn’t support me. Thanks to the women group my son helps me to write in my dairy. I write about the lack of support my husband gives me. He laughs, and disrespects my hard work.

I dream about the future after having my loan, but in reality I don’t have that opportunity right now, so instead of risking my business I went to Shera Bazar. There I bought chickens from the big poultry farm. The owner says that due to the winter season he didn’t produced many chickens. He will provide it next week. I ordered 50 chicks and went back home.

While I was going back to my home I thought to myself if I lost my business how can I repay the group loan. If I don’t start the business I have to pay interest without mobilizing money. I decided to talk to Ram Maya about it.  I arrived home faster than I thought. After dinner, I shared it with my husband and children. I also ask my son to help to write in my dairy so I told him how much I was worried and confused today regarding my business. Two days after I received a call from Ram Maya asking if I brought the chicken or not. I informed her that the chicken will come soon and I requested her to visit my place. Unfortunately it was bad because of the rain. After finishing all work I went to Shera Bazar to take my 50 chickens, even though the heavy rain. I left my money to the owner for 50 chickens and I bought some necessary stuff for my daily use and went back home.

Even though I left my money to the owner,  I still thought I made a good decision. The next day I was cleaning my house and then Ram Maya came too visit me. She had a big smile and said Namaste. I forgot to informed my situation to her but it was too late. She was already at my place. I informed her about what happened yesterday. She understood the situation and said that its okay and I shouldn’t worry too much. I was reliefed.