Part 13 – Managing time is important

February 2023

I still remember Tribina told us that nature has provided all of us with “Time”. Time is a non-renewable resource. It is equal for every living being and for nonliving things. It is an important topic: If we carefully reflect it can bring a major change in our daily life.

This topic helps us to be aware of time management. When Tribina asked us of our roles, I was quite confused. What is the link between time and our roles? We discussed the roles we have in our daily life, and each of the roles implies different goals. In our society, women have very sensitive relations with in-laws, and small misunderstandings can bring bitterness in the relationships. Therefore, we learned that we cannot have different roles at the same time, and we should manage a proper time for every relationship we have. We have to talk with the related person and discuss with him or her to solve the problem. This will make the relationship better. I learned that every woman can succeed in business by prioritizing each role.

We also talked about the time we are spending each day. How much time we spend on issues which are not important and not urgent. Very honestly speaking, I never ever thought on this , but when I checked my time I can see that every day I am spending 2-3 hours which give no result.

After this session we learned, we should plan our daily activities and spend our time effectively on productive work (business). We should avoid unproductive activities so that our work would be valued. After realizing the value of time, I have been scheduling my activities and giving more priority to my business instead of household chores. On every home and business visits, Tribina keeps asking me how I’m managing my time. if I’m working according to the schedule or not?

This topic helps us to be practical in our life. I used to spend my extra time using my phone and watching series whenever I want. Now I have changed totally. I don’t spend time just gossiping on the phone. I used to always leave my household activities for tomorrow, but now I have improved this habit. And it makes a good impression on my children as well. I recognize time never waits for anyone: so, if we are eager to do something, we must start from today because tomorrow never comes.