Part 13 – My strengths are increasing

February 2023

Nowadays, I love to be with our group. Time just flies. Today I am going to share my SWOT1 analysis. Now I can identify my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats quickly. When I did this first exercise, I  could not identify my weaknesses. I thought that if I said something about my weaknesses, I feared how my friends would react to it. Aliza explained that everyone has their own weaknesses, and not seeing or identifying these weaknesses is the biggest weakness of them all. She said that if we don’t identify our weaknesses, we will never become a successful and good citizens.

My strengths were healthy, cooperative, and kind and my weaknesses were not willing to learn, high temper, having no experience regarding business, and drinking alcohol. My opportunities were training, saving in the group, getting loans from the group, and seed money from WAWCAS. Threats were wholesale markets are far and I cannot start my business with the cart in the road.

Before, when friends and relatives told me about my weaknesses, I got angry with them. I wanted to hear only good things and always looked for appreciation. Now I am happy, when someone points out my weaknesses because I get a chance to improve: My weaknesses decrease and my strengths increase.

Now I don’t drink alcohol, I control my temper and  I can keep calm.

I am quite clear that my strength will help to tap the opportunities and my weakness turn into my strengths. Therefore, I am increasing my strengths, decreasing my weaknesses, tapping the opportunities, and facing the threats. I conduct self-evaluations which has become a part of my life. I am also doing this exercise with my family members including my husband, which has helped me to follow the right path. I hope while you are reading my experiences you will also identify your strengths and will advance yourself.

1SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats