Part 11: My diary my mirror

I was about to leave my business store after completing the household chores, but then I saw Ram Maya is coming to my place.

I greeted her with a big smile, but I didn’t knew why she was visiting, but I gave her a mat for her to sit so we could talk.

Ram Maya open the conversation by asking her usual questions. I remembered back in the days when I joined the WAWCAS group, my relationship with my husband was not good. I also realized that since that, I’ve changed a lot as a woman. Previously when my husband scolded at me, I got angry and also did the same at him. At that time, I asked myself what’s wrong or what did I do – which has helped me a lot. I shared my experience with Ram Maya and during the training I got the courage to share it with the whole women group.  I earned that I have to identify your inner capacity and strength which I now share with my children too.

My children sometimes help me writhing my diary. Doing the writing I reflect on myself if I am happy why I am, and if I am sad why I am? The diary is my mirror on the accomplishment I’ve done since I’ve started the training. I get really proud of what I have achieved, thanks to the WAWCAS training.