Part 1: I was very happy and excited to join WAWCAS

I am Krishna Maya Mahat. I am 37 years old. There are three people in my family. My son, my father-in-law and me. My husband passed away 5 years ago. From that day on I took over all responsibility for our family which is quite tough and stressful. My father-in-law cannot work anymore due to his age.

We have a very small plot of land from which we can hardly survive for 2 months so it’s not enough food for my family. Therefore, I have to work with other people’s land on a daily basis.

I heard about Slisha’s WAWCAS program from my community friends. I liked the sound of the program very much and I really wanted to join the WAWCAS Group but unfortunately my house is situated at Bhanu Ward No.7, so I was a bit sad since this program was for Ward No.10 community members. My friends from Ward No.10 encouraged me and suggested I join the 2nd information sharing meeting so I could express my interest in joining the group. Even though my house is just on the border in Ward No.7, I buy all necessities from Ward No. 10 and I am really close and familiar with all the community members of ward No.10.

So, I joined the 2nd Information Sharing Meeting and expressed my interest in joining the WAWCAS Group. I also mentioned to Sajan that my house is just slightly outside Ward No.10, in Ward No.7. Sajan told me that he would speak to the Team Leader and would let me know at the next meeting.

Finally, the next meeting was held and there Sajan told me that I could join the group. When I heard this good news from Sajan, I was very happy and excited. After the meeting was finished, Sajan visited my house. He talked with my father-in-law and my son. He informed them about the WAWCAS program, observed the condition of house and also asked me about my relationship with my father in-law and son. After getting all the information he required, he told me to join the upcoming meetings regularly.

Meanwhile, I had mixed feelings and was still in doubt whether I would get a chance to join the WAWCAS group or not. The next meeting was scheduled for 5 days later. Sajan also informed me that my story would be published monthly, and anyone can read it on the Internet. I am happy but still don’t understand how.

I was eagerly waiting for the next meeting and 5 days felt like 5 months to me.


Dear Readers,

My name is Sajan Shakya and I have been working as a Local Program Leader (LPL) in the WAWCAS Program for 1 year in the Tanahun district. I am writing the Blog of Krishna Maya Mahat. The condition of her house is really poor. The changes I have envisioned for her is that she will utilize the seed money very well in her business and I hope she will make a good profit out of it which will help reduce her hardship and improve her economic condition. I will be writing her blog for 16 months on 16 different topics.  I am sure you will be reading about her ups and downs in this 16-month period.

With Regards,

Sajan Shakya, Local Program Leader, Tanahun District