Part 12 – Saving Meeting and Group Loan: Easy Living

January 2023

At first, Namaste to all my readers. Talking about my current situation, I am doing fine with my Goat Farming business and also with my new additional Bee Farming Business. My Husband is helping me to run both businesses very smoothly. We are very happy to announce that we are running our own businesses by ourselves.

Today I am going to share with you my learning and experience regarding the  Saving Meeting and usage of group loan in a very difficult time. Our Saving Meeting is held every third week of a month. At the beginning of the training, Sajan taught us how to attend and host the meeting. After a few months we actively participated in the Saving Meeting and did all the calculation ourselves. Sajan encourages everyone in the group to increase the optional and child saving, as it would be easy for everyone in the group to utilize the group loan.

Last month in the saving meeting, I requested a group loan because I need to pay my son’s school fee within a week. After calculating all the savings, I had Rs.2000, this was not enough. Therefore I requested everyone in the saving meeting to help me with Rs.2000 as a group loan.  After hearing my problems, my group members decided to help me, and I got the Rs.2000 as a group loan for 3 months. I was very happy and blessed everyone in the group as they understood my problems and helped me in this very difficult time. This is how our group members support each other. I thanked everyone in the group.

In the beginning, right after the 7–days training had finished, many members of the group didn’t do optional and child saving. But now, almost all are saving for child education and optional savings which is very good.

In every Saving Meeting Sajan teach us very nicely of the importance of saving and also the calculation part.  And now we can host the meeting very confidentially and do all the calculation parts correctly ourselves. Nowadays, Sajan does more observations, and we take more actions in the meetings. And talking about the Group Loan, it has helped everyone very greatly to solve their difficulties and problems. Previously we used to take a loan from Cooperative and relatives and had to pay high interest, but now we have our group saving which we can use during difficult times.

Therefore, I feel very lucky and blessed to be part of the WAWCAS program and thanks to Sajan and Slisha Organization for including me in the group and WAWCAS Program.