Part 12 – Positive change in my life

January 2023

Every month I have been writing my daily record of income and expenses in my diary. On the day Tribina came to my house, I was busy with my livestock chores. I greet her and offer her to take a sit. She asked me how I’m doing, and she also talked with my husband and sons to know how they are doing as well. I showed her my diary and she showed me how to write it correctly. In all these activities we have to learn during training, we identify our own situation and work on it to change the things, which need to be changed. Generally, in PCA (Pocket Chart Analysis) we can see the total overview of our income and expenses. So, I began to understand my monthly income and expenses. And I was shocked to see my expenses! I found out why there had been no savings by me until now. Thus, this tool is very effective, as it helps to open the eyes of people who have been drowned in the depth of unwanted expenses. This topic has touched my heart and made me realize, why we could never upgrade our living standards.

We had filled the PCA form during the seven days training, and at that time I found so many unnecessary expenses. In particular, I had decided to do the PCA with my husband, which could help to decrease his habits of buying cigarettes and alcohol, and to make him realize the main reasons for the high expenses. Now he has started to control his drinking habits. Every month Tribina is following up on our plan which we have prepared during our PCA. I also keep telling him about our income and expenditure so that he can be aware of it. I’m avoiding serving junk food to my children and also reducing meat in large quantities. Instead, I’m focusing on green vegetables and fruits according to the season. I showed the form to my husband, and he recognized the vast difference in expenses after six months. We are glad to see our unwanted expenses getting decreased and we are more focused on saving nowadays.

Tribina was very happy to see my positive changes. She always keeps telling me, that I shouldn’t let my good behavior, which I have achieved through this journey, change. I assure myself to never let go of my improved behavior for the rest of my life, because I recognize it is the way to step up one stair of my journey to success. Those who can actually understand and implement the value of the PCA tool in their life will experience a lot of progress. Therefore, I commit myself to teaching other friends and relatives who are not in our WAWCAS group.