Part 12 – My Journey, My Diary

January 2023



I was dying to go to school, but I did not get that chance when I was a child. I can only write my name – that’s it – I cannot read and write. But our training in WAWCAS is so meaningful and it goes directly to my heart. I received a dairy during the last days of the 7 days of training. I was frustrated seeing the diary because how do I write my feelings? But then Pabitra showed us how to write our feelings with pictures and we can also draw our emotions in the journal. I feel so good. I always carry my dairy while I am participating in the training. I feel that I have fulfilled my dream to go to school.

From that day, every evening before I go to bed, I write my feelings and emotions with drawings. I am not only writing but I am reflecting too:  why I am sad or why that day I feel good about what has happened to my life. It is so good to see the previous pages.

Normally I don’t feel bad because I am doing my business good and I also have expanded my business. But when my younger brother scolds me, I feel so bad. Actually, I am the breadwinner of my family, which makes me so proud. Sometimes I feel so frustrated with my life. Taking care of my old mother and disabled younger brother is tough. However, I am fulfilling my duties wholeheartedly.