Part 12 – I Feel so Good…….

January 2023

Today’s Issue Based Training (IBT) helped me to be a better mother.  This time we discussed child development. When Aliza asked us how we wanted our children to be, everyone said good things about their children. Aliza concluded that everyone wants improvement for our children – but just wanting is not enough. It depends upon our behavior towards our children. When you sow the seeds of maize, you cannot grow rice. Likewise, the good future of the children also depends on our behavior. Aliza told us what behavior we should do and  what we should avoid.


Should do Behaviors:

  • Appreciation and Encouragement.
  • Love and Affection.
  • Provide time to play games.
  • Inform children whenever leaving home.
  • Only telling them why certain things should not be done is not enough. The reason why they are not to be done should also be explained to them.
  • Make it a habit to share our food with those who are in need.

Should not do Behaviors:

  • Should not discriminate between children. This results in development of inferiority complex in the discriminated child.
  • Should not ask children to do work in return of things like Biscuits, chocolates, money etc. Later, children will not do anything without expectation of any returns.
  • Should not praise a single child. This will result on development of arrogance.
  • Should not promise children for anything that cannot be fulfilled. They may lose confidence in you.


I was very surprised. Because I realized that I never praised my kid and always makes promises which I never fulfill. I felt so bad, and I committed myself to never do this again. After the training, I went home with lots of feelings, and I shared them with my husband. We both have started to praise our kid and listen to what she says. We also explain to her how important it is to serve needy people and she is listening so attentively without asking any questions. After the training, we changed our behaviors toward our daughter, and she is very happy whenever we praise her and listen to her.