Part 11 – My diary my friend

December 2022

I just started my additional business and it have been perfectly going. But this month, I am very sad, and worried. I am suffering from Dengue.  Due to dengue, I could not start my business, since my whole body is still aching, and my muscles are so painful. I don’t know how to restart my business because all my savings are gone. Another unexpected thing came into my life. My daughter is sick too. Oh God why are you giving me so much trouble?  I feel like my life is nowhere. How do I restart my business when my life is full of struggle? During the training, I learned that every problem has solutions, so I have tried to think about my options to restart my business. When Aliza came to visit me, I felt good, and her encouraging words boosted me a lot.  I am trying my best to be calm and take full rest. Honestly, it was difficult just to take rest. I am updating my dairy every day and this dairy has become my good friend. I write down all my feelings and thoughts. This diary is my trustful friend, and I can write anything that I feel. I don’t have to worry about how others will react to it, because it is only my diary and me.  I am praying every day for the recovering of my daughter and me soon. I am very eager to make my days better than before. I hope it will come soon.