Part 12 –  Dashain Celebration of this year 

Well, talking about my present situation, I am doing well with my business since everything is slowly moving back to normal life. Even though the outside world seems normal, I have still been following the precaution routines against Covid-19, which I have learned during the IBT Training from Sajan. I have been wearing a mask, whenever I travel and use public transportation. 

As our biggest festival, Dashain, is coming soon, I have sold my two goats for purchasing required food ingredients and materials for my family. After selling my goats at a good price, I bought all the necessary items for Dashain. My elder son arrived to the village a week before Dashain. He is staying in Kathmandu studying and working. My younger son stays with me, and he helps me with my business and other household works. Talking about Dashain celebration this year, it went quite differently than previous years due to Covid-19 situation. Celebrating Dashian the previous years, our family used to go to our relatives’ home for putting Tika and getting blessing from the older family members. We also used to invite our relatives to our home for putting Tika and spending quality time with the family. This year it was totally different. We didn’t go to our relatives’ home, and we did not invite them to our home for the Tika. This year we decided to celebrate only with our family members, i.e. my two sons, my father in-law, and me. On theday of DashianBijayadashami, the oldest member of our family – my father in-law – put tika and gave blessing to me and my two sons. Likewise, I also put tika and gave blessing to my two sons. After finishing the “Tika Ceremony” it was time for the delicious feast which included a lot of meat. This is how I celebrated this year’s Dashain with my family. It was not as funny as previous years because I couldn’t meet my relatives, and I could not invite them to my home. But after all our health always has first priory. Therefore, I didn’t feel very sad for not meeting my relatives in this Dashain.