Part 11 – I am so proud to be a chairperson of our WAWCAS Group

December 2022

Seeing my improvements after joining the WAWCAS Group, I feel so good and proud of myself. This month our group has changed the executive member as per our norms. I want to explore new things, and I am always eager to learn and actively participate in every activity. My friends have recognized these qualities, so they have chosen me as the chairperson of our group.   I was happy because I get a chance to learn and develop my leadership skill. After that, I promised myself to be a good leader. Leadership experience comes from any position of authority you hold in your personal or professional life, not just from being in an upper post. In the 7 days training session, we learned that to become a leader, one should have qualities. As a chairperson, I am trying my best to facilitate our group and provide equal opportunities to every woman. I believe in doing things together and not giving an order to the members as a leader. When there is a group, there are various thoughts and opinions of people, and we have to merge our thoughts and make the same goal.

There are many problems that arises during our meetings and during our businesses, but I never forget my responsibilities. During the training, I learnt to guide them and help to give direction for what is wrong and what is right. Later, after the meeting, I review myself: did I make a mistake, or did I get rude?  If I realize any mistake I go to that person, talk with her, and apologies for my mistake. This makes our bond stronger. I want to follow all the norms as we agreed during the training: every member should equally participate in the group activities. So, each and every one can be aware of what’s going on in the group.

Each of us has our roles and responsibilities but one friend in the group did not return the group’s money due to problems in her family. At that time, I was in a hard situation thinking what am I going to do? I asked Tribina and other friends, what decision should we take later. Tribina helped by suggesting to double up the interest rate for the group loans if they were not repaid on time. All of us agreed with that proposal, and we were very thankful to Tribina. She is always there for us, and she motivate and instruct us for the well-being of our group. I motivate all the members to increase their saving amount so that our group budget will increase. Because of that, we can conduct and participate in the different small programs which will help to enhance our budget. Most importantly we will be admired by the people and motivate other groups to act like us.

During the short experience of being a representative of the group, I have learned there is peace and relief in giving propriety to other people. Problems and challenges come and go, but I never forget that we don’t grow, if we don’t face challenges.

So lastly, I want to thank you for this opportunity.