Part 10: Don’t lie – Trust your own judging

I participated in a meeting with Ram Maya and the other members. We greet each other with Namaste and then we sit down. The meeting felt a bit different as Ram Maya was sitting with two files in front of her.

I thought the meeting was over after collecting all the savings and clearing all the debts, but then Ram Maya took out another file and told us that we had to stay a little longer.

I remembered that Ram Maya had previously told us to conduct a PSRP per schedule now time therefore, Ram Maya started asking questions to all the members about sanitation, nutrition and safe motherhood etc.

Ram Maya laughed when she busted some of the members lying about their private situation at home. She told us that she was well known to our condition during the home visit session.She said that lying would be inconvenience.
I got scared because I was worrying about what question Ram Maya would ask me.

Surprisingly, Ram Maya asked same questions to all the members attending the meeting. The question was easy for me to answer, and afterwards I requested her to go earlier so I could hurry to deliver my son’s tiffin. The women agreed to hurry up the meeting. The questions was about topic’s such as nutrition and sanitation. I remembered our discussion during the previous meetings.

This organization has given me a lot of new knowledge. I’ve talked about topics I never thought I would be discussing openly with other women.

Ram Maya asked me about the condition at home and she confined the topic: Balanced-Diet.
I remembered that my children have been eating the same sort of food every day, because of my poor economic condition. I can’t provide my children a balanced diet every day, but Ram Maya helped us changing our food habit’s. I am positively openminded to manage the next PSRP.

Ram Maya said that whatever food is available at home I should be considered to properly eat on the right time. She asked me about my business in the livestock training. I remembered that I used to clean my goat. I’ve always repaid my seed money on time and started saving up for me and my family. Afterwards I felt so proud sharing my accomplishments. Like this, P.S.R.P. helped us to save money up, be better at remembering and do a more balanced die at home. Ram Maya said that P.S.R.P. means judging our own condition so no one should lie about this, which I’ve learned now.