Part 1 – The hope that grew after the weakening of Corona 

I am Durga Devi Silwal from Bhanu Municipality ward no 9 Chittikhola. I am staying with my mother and younger brother. I am married but separated after one year. Since then I am staying at my mother’s house. Before the first lockdown two years back I have participated WAWCAS ISM* program and I am very impressed with the program. The program supports needy women and develops entrepreneurs but due to the effects of the corona pandemic it could not start in our area. We expected that the program would start after the corona.  Time passes on and on and the situation of the corona is ups and downs. 

After two years I got the message from my friend that Pabitra our trainer from WAWCAS, is coming for the meeting, and again I am so happy. I do not have words to express how happy I am now. All my problems will reduce day by day and I will be earning soon wow! I was eagerly waiting that day and now the day comes.  

I was very excited and finished all my household chores early and ready for the meeting. There were more than 35 women together with me. Pabitra welcomed us and asked the questions about how are we doing? What do we remember from the previous meetings? Honestly speaking I forgot it all due to the corona situation being very scary.  However, Pabitra informed me again and while she was explaining I started to recall all the information. It is an entrepreneurship-training program for women in needy areas that strengthen us personally, socially, and economically. It helps to establish a women’s group where we do saving and loans and to start small businesses. Apart from that, there will be a child group also where they learn various skills. Pabitra also discussed the formation of LNGO* and after exit, all members will be members of WAWCAS LNGO and continue as active members. I have big courage and hope that my life will be better like other WAWCAS women. 

Note: ISM is Information Sharing Meeting, LNGO is Local Non-Govermental Organisation 

Dear Readers, 

Namaskar, I am Pabitra Pariyar and since 2018 I am working as Local Program Leader in Tanhun. Today I am here with you to bring experiences from Durga Silwal. I will be with you the coming 16 month’s period and writing on behalf of Durga. I am sure Durga will change her life better and find out the ways to solve the issues with our support. I hope you will read her story with enthusiasm. 








With Best Regards, Pabitra Pariyar