Part 1 – Found HOPE 

My name is Radha Joshi and I am from Doordi-6, Dhodeni Lamjung. I am 28 years old. I live with my husband, 2 kids, and mother-in-law in a small house. My husband is an ordinary farmer. I have a very poor background.  I have 2 boy kids, the elder one is 8 years old and he is in grade 3. Due to my economical condition, he lives with his aunty at Chiti near Dhodeni. I am unable to give good education to my child. The little one is with me; he is just 2 years old. My mother-in-law unable to work due to her age and health condition and she stays with us. 

We have a small piece of land.  The land is very little; the harvested food is not even enough for three months. That is why I and my husband work in others’ fields for daily basis wages which are the only income sources of our family.

The first time I heard about Slisha’s WAWCAS program from my friend Madhu, I was very happy and eagerly excited to join the program.  I asked her about the next meeting and I shared with my husband the thing I have heard from Madhu and he was also happy and ready to support whatever was needed. On the meeting day, there was a different kind of excitement level inside me. I finished my household work very fast and went at meeting venue. Many women attended the meeting and I sat in the middle. The meeting started at 8:05 am. I saw 2 new persons and they were WAWCAS team. They started to share information about program. I was listening very curiously and carefully. I got to know that program is for women and children, they provide seed money to run or start or extend the business based on our skill and knowledge. I found the opportunity to be in the WAWCAS group. They talked about women’s groups, child groups, monthly savings, free vets, and technical services. They also discussed ongoing training like IBT*, livestock training, and training on Group Management and Business planning.  I found that there is a child group as well where my children will acquire knowledge and chance to grow up themselves very well.   

I was very happy for attending the 2nd information sharing meeting. The program is for needy women like me and I was happy to be part of the group. This will be the first group in my life. During the meeting, I questioned how to pay back the seed money and how much do we give as a contribution. The LPL*, Ganga, told me about all the processes of seed money clearance and about the contribution that money will use for another needy woman like me. By hearing this, I am more impressed with this program. Ganga gave one storybook about another successful businessperson. I am very inspired by listening to their story and how to succeed to run and extend their businesses. I saw many services and opportunities. Therefore, I shared my interest to join the WAWCAS group. I saw other friends were also happy and interested to be part of the program. At the end of the meeting, we discussed the next meeting as well. Ganga informed us that she would visit our home and discuss more in detail. 

I had mixed feelings at that time. I am curious and worried as well but I found hope. I am very excited to share this with my husband. 

Note: IBT is Issue Based Training, LPL is Local Program Leader (trainer) 

Dear Readers, 

My name is Ganga Tamang I have been working as a Local Program Leader (LPL) in the WAWCAS Program for 1 year in the Lamjung district. I am writing the Blog of Radha Joshi. I will be writing her blog for 16 months on 16 different topics. I am sure you will be following her ups and downs in this 16 months’ period.  


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Ganga Tamang Local Program Leader, Lamjung District