Part 1 – Eagerly waiting……….  

I am Binita Rai from Udayapur and came to Kathmandu with a big dream together with my husband and small daughter. Getting a job is not easy, we struggled a lot. My husband got a job as a labor worker and I search for a job. I heard about the WAWCAS program from my friend encouraged me to meet the WAWCAS team. After three days I got a chance to meet Aliza and discuss the program. She informed us about the WAWCAS program which is to strengthen the autonomy and the social and economic empowerment of needy women like us and our families The main focus is us – the women, and our children. WAWCAS helps the women to establish a women group where we have to do savings and to start small businesses. In this way, we will improve our living conditions, and create a better foundation for our lives and our families. Each woman gets a small loan with small contribution without any service charges and pays it back in a maximum of 12 months. While Aliza was talking, I was visualizing that I am starting my own business. Aliza also informed us that we need to be in a group of 20-25 members.  

After listening to all this information, I am very worried because in our area I do not see other needy women like me a lot. I can see only three women who are in need like me. I discussed with Aliza, and she informed me that there will be an ISM* meeting soon. She invited me to participate but the meeting place is one-hour walking distance from my area. Therefore, I told her that I will discuss it with my husband. 

I have also discussed this information with other women as well, they are also very eager to participate in the ISM meeting. We are eagerly waiting to participate in the ISM meeting. 

Note: ISM is Information Sharing Meeting 

Dear Readers, 

I am writing the blog of Binita Rai and I will be with you for the 16th month’s period. I am visualizing changing her life. I am very excited to see how she will change her life gradually with our support and training. 






Sincerely,  Aliza MagarLocal Program Leader