Part 12: My horizontal business

I was preparing my son for school when I saw Binita coming to my place for a regular visit. When Binita saw I was preparing my son to send him to school, she ask how his education was going.  I  told her that his education and my business is going well. She again asked how I spend my earnings; from sales or from the profit. I have all the records properly done and I am spending from both sales and profit.  Binita stressed that we have to fund our expenses only from profit, not from sales.If we spend our money from the sales for school fees and daily expenses then our businesses will not be sustainable. Therefore, we have to make our business profitable and spend the profit.I was listening carefully and recalling my spending habits but all of myexpenses, including my children’s education is solely dependent on my business which I have told the WAWCAS members many times.  Binita suggested selling more items based on customer demand. I am running a “Ghumto” business and tailoring business simultaneously butBinita suggested I add the handicraft items made by WAWCAS members so that I can earn more. After almost an hour of discussion Binita left, but my mind is thinking about my horizontal business.

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