Part 2 – More encouraging

During the ISM* meeting, Pabitra informed us that she would visit our home soon and today she visited us. I heard the word Namaskar and then I saw Pabitra and her friend coming to my place. I greeted them. My 84 years old mother was sitting outside and Pabitra sat with my mother and talked very informally. Pabitra started to discuss with me what happened after the ISM meetings; how do I feel, to whom I have shared about the program etc. I told her what I have done. I have discussed with my brother and mother since I was waiting the last two years to be part of the WAWCAS program. I have seen from other areas how women were empowered and changed their socio-economic lives.  I am very much willing to join and change my whole families’ life. The WAWCAS program develops women’s confidence, therefore I like it so much. Pabitra asks me what types of business I would like to start. Since we have plenty of places for grazing, I would like to start a goat farming business, but my big concern is   in case my goat dies do I need to pay the loan back ? Listening to my question, Pabitra informs me that I have to pay back the loan, but to minimize those issues, we will also get training in livestock where we will learn many home remedies. In the training, we will learn how to raise goats healthy, how to feed good grass and fodder and the Technical Assistant will also support us. If our goats get sick the Technical Assistant will charge the medicine but not for check-ups. When I heard that information, I am quite happy. Pabitra also informs me that the district livestock office will support the livestock insurance with 70% and only 30% is ours.


Pabitra again talks about 7day’s training. I was very worried how I could manage to participate fully the 7days. She smiles and says that ‘where there is a will there is a way’ and then I also smile. My mind is full of thoughts. I am listening and asking questions myself.

For two years I have been looking forward to becoming a member of WAWCAS and now the time has come, so I should not miss this great opportunity. As Pabitra says, I have to find out my way and I am sure I will manage it. For a while, both of us were quiet. Pabitra started the conversation again and we will soon have the next meeting.  I am more encouraged to participate in the next meeting.

Note: ISM is Information Sharing Meeting