Part 2 – My Excitement….

After the meeting, there were lots of queries and curiosity on my mind. I was dreaming to start my new business. Ganga informed me that there are a few processes, before selection, and after the selection, preparation training will start. I have shared the information with my husband, which I learned from the meeting. He is also very happy, and he encourages me to attend the next meetings.

On Wednesday morning I was doing my household work, and suddenly I heard the sound “Namaste didi!” I turned back and I saw Ganga was there, and I greeted back. I was shocked that she could find my home. I gave her a mat and we sat outside the house and started our conversation very informally. Ganga ask me about how I felt about the WAWCAS program and what I learned during the ISM. She also asked me, how my family felt about the Program. I replied to her that I shared everything I had heard at the meeting with my husband. He was also very happy and agreed to attend the next meetings and pieces of training. She picked out a white paper from her bag and wrote on that.

While we were talking, my 2 sons also came near to us, and Ganga started to talk with them. Both were comfortably answering Ganga’s questions, I was observing that curiously.  She asks about their name, age, grade, and favorite subject. My youngest child has not joined school yet, as he is just 3 years old. The elder one said that because of lack of schoolbag and school clothes, he could not attend school. I feel very guilty that I could not afford him. While us talking Ganga looked around the house.

My husband arrived at the same time from the jungle, where he went to collect grass for ox. I introduced him to Ganga, and he said, “Namaste miss”. He sat in front of me and started sharing things about the program. He asked about the program and duration of training because my mother-in-law couldn’t work, our 2 boys need care, and the cattle also needs feed. He shared that one man could not handle and managed all that stuff. Ganga questioned both of us about, how often my husband helps me with my household chores. I replied that he is supportive and helps me with every kind of work. I shared that other people do not help and listen to us. We felt oppressed by them. Ganga looks worried and did not say anything, but I could see the expression on her face. She asked me what kind of business I would like to start and we answered that both are willing to buy Goats.

I request her to have a cup of tea and Ganga agreed. I made tea for everyone. After drinking tea, I showed Ganga my house, kitchen, and animal’s shed. I showed her the place where the goat shed would be build. Ganga reminded me for the next meeting, that the meeting would decide selection for the program. I was excited about the next meeting.