8: The current situation

During lockdown, I, together with the members of my family, implemented all the measures that we learned in the IBT training, so that we are safe and staying healthy in our villages. But sometimes when I hear the news about the corona virus, and the impact it has on our country, I feel scared because the number of infected people is rapidly increasing, and so far, three people have already died in our country.  

Reflecting on the current situation for myself, I am not frightened and scared like before. My family and me are mostly busy planting corn and some vegetables on our small land. So far, my goats look healthy, as I have been providing them fresh grass from the nearby jungle. I have been talking about the current situation with my friends and relatives, and some of them are still scared of the corona virus, because the number of infected people is increasing day by day in our country and all over the world. Due to the strict lockdown by the government, we are not able to get some essential food products and vitamins for our goats in the community shops, but somehow, we are managing by utilizing the locally available resources that we have in our community. Many of my relatives and our group members are planting the crops and vegetables on their land, and whenever we meet in the village, we often talk about preventive measures for the corona virus which we learned in the IBT training. Sajan tells us that everything has a positive and negative aspect. What do I see as a positive impact of this corona virus and lockdown? I think our patience has increased, and I am trying to think more positively. We also do more cleaning which is very good for our health. When I hear the news, my energy level falls, and therefore I do not listen to the news in the morning. Our municipality distribute food packages which is very good for the needylike us.  

I would like to thank Sajan for contacting me every week. I feel so good after having talked to him.