16: My journey with the WAWCAS program

I had some thoughts about our meetings. When would Corona allow us to have the next meeting? Ram Maya and the other women in my WAWCAS group were often in my thoughts. Then I received a call from Ram Maya that a meeting was scheduled for the Wednesday to come. I felt so good, that I could now meet all the other women again, even though we were very busy with the rice plantation. I felt so good when I heard that the meeting would take place soon. 

Tuesday I worked till late in the evening to finish most of the work, as I needed to go to the WAWCAS meeting on Wednesday. My husband was teasing me the whole day asking me where I got my energy from. I did not say anything to him. I just recalled how he was against me being a member of the WAWCAS group. If he had allowed me to be a member of the WAWCAS group from the very beginning,  I might have changed a lot financially and socially in our life long ago. But things happened the way they did. The past is the past. I have to learn from the past and move forward. This I have learned from the WAWCAS training. Actually, this year is a golden year for me, because I have become a part of WAWCAS, and I have started my own business. But due to Corona, I feel very uncomfortable at the moment. 

This WAWCAS program has opened my eyes, and I am very happy about that. Now my confidence has increased, and I talk to my children about how they feel. They now share things with me. Before they never shared  with me what happened in their lives or how they felt. During the WAWCAS training I learned how to behave towards my children, some do’s and don’ts. It has helped me very muchOne of the most memorable events was a visit to Nawalparasi together with all the WAWCAS women from my group including Ram Maya. We visited Nawalparasi and learned about the dragon fruit, which I bought for my family.   

We learned a lot through fun and discussions.  The training we received was so good and fruitful. We never felt tired or bored during the training. My husband has changed a lot. He is very supportive now. Ram Maya was always motivating and encouraging him to change. During the lock down period, Ram Maya was calling us to ask how we were doing, which I liked very much. From that time, I feel Ram Maya is my own younger sister.  

I feel so good. Thank you so much Ram Maya who has always been with me on my journey. She shared with me, and she has been writing my story.

This will be my last story, and I would like to give my thanks to all of you who have followed my journey with WAWCAS.   


Dear Readers

Now it is time to say goodbye on behalf of Sharada and myself. I hope you have enjoyed to read the story of Sharada – her feelings, learnings, insights and changes. I can see how much Sharada’s life has been changed and how her husband has changed too. 

Due to the Covid19 situation it is not easy, but we are moving on as always. Thank you.


Sincerely yours

Ram Maya Magar