Part 5: The Happiest Person in the World

After a period of wonderful training, I was so happy and ready to start up my own business. The business that I was about to start up was not new for me, but after the training, it was different.

Now I know how I am going to start up my business, what materials I need and what it costs. I have my own plan and targets to fulfill. This is all thanks to our trainers that make me capable of doing business in a wonderful way.

Now I have learned about my budget, my capacity and how many goats I can manage. I also discussed this with my husband. He was very positive about this, and he was ready to help me.

I am so prepared for my new business. I have already built a shelter for the goats with the help from my husband and a worker.

On the second day, my husband and I went to different places to know about the fodder we need for the goats and to learn about the price of the fodder.

We discussed the situation with each other and were ready to start the business.

So, we bought the goats. I was so happy, and I had so many things in my mind. We brought the goats home, and I feel that I am the happiest person in the world right now.

I got perfect support and knowledge to be ready to start my own business.

After some days Sworup, our trainer, came to visit my house. He asked me many questions about how I started my business, where I had bought all the stuff, what the price was etc. I showed him the costs of the purchase of the goats and other stuff. He was happy that I had kept records of it all, and again he reminded me also to keep records of the cash flow in the future.

Then he moved on to the next house.