Part 3 – I am confident now

During the last day of the training, I felt so scatterbrained and thought about when I should start my business. I bought a cart on the last day of 7days of training. Based on the training I have selected the place where students, youngsters and youths are walking at the riverside. I have started a spicy snacks business in the cart. On the first day of my business, I felt awkward and shy. My biggest worry was whether customers would come or not and whether my spicy snacks would be liked or not by the customers. However, I have started my business and as a business owner, I feel happy and proud.

On the first day, around 25 customers came to my cart and bought my spicy snacks. I asked for their feedback regarding the test and ingredients, and everyone liked it very much, which really boosted my energy. Within the one-week period, my customers have raised, and I feel so proud and confident. Slowly, my husband has also changed his behavior towards me.   My husband was sharing with his friend that now we are two sides of one coin. I felt very happy when I heard that.  Now I can help financially to operate our home and my child’s education.

I have started to save in three different financial institutes from my business. Every day I deposit 150 NPR in each financial institute, and I save in our WAWCAS group as per our norms. Before, my mind was full of negative thoughts. Now I feel relaxed and cool. I have solved my problem, which I was fighting for the last 7 years. Now my vision is to see other deprived and needy women in business like me.