Part 3 – I see the hope

After many meetings both 7 days training and 4 days’ lives stock training were finished successfully. We got seed money and I was very excited to start my first business with the hope of so many positive changes in my life. But also, a little bit nervous at the same time, if my business will work out good or not. As we already plan our business at 7 days training, I was very clear that I should work through my business plan. So I did according to it. I constructed a shed for goats with the help of my husband according to what I had learnt from 4 days training. It took 5 days to build the shed, although I have the resources available near my house, so it was a little easier. Before I bought the goats, I had to be prepared for all the essential things that are needed for goat to survive. Then, after the preparation of all the requirements I bought 2 healthy pregnant mother goats.

And the best part is that the next day one mother goat gave birth to one baby goat. I was very happy and overwhelmed, it gives me more energy to make this business big. During the 7 days training I sore myself as a successful entrepreneur within 5 years. Now, completing the first step of my business, I have full faith on myself that I will make it happen. I was so in hurry to tell this news to Tribina. She came to my home after a few days to observe did if I started my business. I showed her my goats and it brought big smile on her face and she congratulated me. I can feel her happiness in my happiness. She asked where did I buy those goats? How much did they cost?  If there is problem or not. She told me if there will be any problem, I can contact the technical assistant of Slisha. At last, she again praised and motivated me to do better and she left my house to visit another member’s business.

I’m grateful towards the organization for motivating me to become business women and providing such useful and inspiring trainings. I promise myself to give continuity to this business and do more hard work to reach my goal.