Part 9: Ups and downs

I cannot meet my production plan this year.I am so frustrated, I was planning to earn at least 20,000 rupees more during marriage season but due to my eye problem the doctor did not allow me to make “Ghumtos”. When I saw all of my friends were busy making “Ghumots” I felt so embarrassed. I never thought that this would happen to me; normally I earn more than my friends, but this season I have a limited income, only from tailoring. 

Normally during a saving meeting, I save more than the others. This time I was thinking how do I save even more. But Binita encouraged me to not only think negatively, I should be positive and take care of my eyes so that I can work more. 

She motivates me and says that problems are part of life and to come out from a problem is the art of life. Therefore, I must have patience, rest and take care of my eyes. I feel so cool when I heard such an inspiring thought but still, my thoughts go to making “Ghumots”. I am sure I will be able to make them again next month.