Part 2: My curiosity

January 10th, early in the morning I am very much excited to participate the meeting therefore after completing morning household chores I was ready for the meeting. I was thinking a lot while I was walking ram Maya told us that from this meeting final numbers will be selected by us. How do we select by us and I will be in or not was my big curiosity. When I reach the meeting place no one was there oh.. What happened, did meeting has canceled or postponed if something happens Ram Maya must inform me, let’s wait half an hour and see what will happen?

After 10 min. I saw our trainer Ram Maya is coming with a big smile she greets me and says that why I came so early? I replied to her that this time I don’t want to miss any chance to be a member of WAWCAS. In the meantime, other women also came and the real meeting started with a big warm, welcoming by Ram Maya our trainer. 

After a review of the last meeting, she started to discuss “Poor” what is poor what are the indicators of ultra – poor, poor and medium poor. Based on the indicators, Ram Maya asks who belongs to which category and ask us to post our name under the category we think, we belong to. I was still not sure which category I belong to. I don’t have any land other friend posted their name under ultra-poor like me so I also posted my name under ultra – poor.

Ram Maya again discusses with us that if we agree where we have posted our name or not. There was a big discussion going on some wants to move from the ultra –poor to poor category some want to move ultra-poor too poor, then our trainer says that then we have to agree where we belong to. After the discussion, Ram Maya read the name list who has been selected for the WAWCAS group. I heard the name that I was in I am so happy to be a member of WAWCAS. I am so curious what will happen next?      

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