Part 8: Positive development for my daughter

Shristi B.K is my daughters name, she is 6 years old and studies at Global Academy, Lalitpur in grade 1. I came to Kathmandu city in the hope of good education for my child and some income generating activities. Today I am very happy as I am able to earn money of my own business. Which gives me the opportunity to send my daughter to school, and she’s even doing well with her studies.

Before joining WAWCAS I was struggling to earn money and  couldent afford sending my daughter to a good School. Unfortunately my daughter’s performance in studies was poor, so I was very worried about her performance and how to improve it. The other challenge for me was to encourage her to go to school daily and not skip classes. I wanted to beat her a lesson of skipping school, but whenever I felt like raising my hands on my daughter, I thought about all the discussions that we did about child rights and child development. I was sure that beating up small children is not the solution of any problem. So, I will never beat her. I will Rather start explaining my daughter the importance of education and give her more time. I am starting to listening to her opinions. Every evening I will ask her what she learnt in school. After new methods off listening and supporting, my daughter started going regularly to school and  even did improvement in her classes. Now, I started investing more on my daughter’s education. Now a days, the total expenditure of books, copies and lunch for her is around Rs.4500 per month. I am happy because I can see the improvement in her studies. Before WAWCAS I hardly spent 15,00 per month for books, copies and lunch.

Nowadays after coming from school I don’t have to tell her to do anything. She herself eats lunch, starts doing her homework and studying. I feel very satisfied now, seeing my daughter happily going to school. In the recent exam she had in her school, she scored the highest marks in her class. I started from being very worried off my daughter skipping school to a daughter doing well in school – what a positive development, it makes me very relived.