Part 15: My family is finally complete

After waiting nine months my family is finally complete after I gave birth to a second baby boy on 7th July 2019. The 1st of July 2019 was my due date but 5 days later I got the opportunity to be a mother again. Before the delivery we were wishing for a baby girl. But when he was born I changed my mind completely. I first accepted him without knowing the gender because I am a mother. I gave him love and care but his brother was quite sad for few days. After a few days however he was also happy and he also loves his new baby brother. Life is so uncertain, we dont know what is going to happen in the next moment  

I went to the hospital and was admitted because my delivery date was close. Unfortunately we received a call from the village and were told my mother in-law was sick. At that time we were facing other problems. We didnt know what to do if my husband went to the village, who would support me and care for me? We were in a dilemma and stressed but our family supported us. Binita also called me from time to time to ask about my health and she reminded me to have patience. Before giving birth at my regular check up, the doctor said my delivery would be normal, but that turned out to be incorrect. I had to have an operation. For my operation we needed Rs.60,000 but I had saved Rs.30,000 only from my business and through a group loan so we had to spend  Rs.30,000 from my husband‘s savings. My baby was 4.5kg, I dont know why the doctor asked my husband to keep my baby in the ICU for three hours. I also needed to receive blood and when the nurses started to transfuse blood my body started to show an allergic reaction so they stopped. When I knew my baby was normal and all of his reports were normal I was so happy that I started to cry. My husband laughed at me for that but he was also very happy. We stayed in the hospital for 6 days then we went home to organize the naming ceremony. From Nepali culture we received the letterT for the name but our first son‘s name is Dhiraj so, we thought we would name him after him to keep the name meaningful. After a few days Binita came to congratulate us. Nowadays, my husband does all of the household chores like laundry, cleaning and he prepares food for the children and I. I am resting at the moment, taking care of my diet, sanitation and health.  But if we both stay at home who will take care of our expenses? Thats why I am thinking after few days I will send my husband back to work. I do not regret the money spent at the hospital as I will work for my business regularly after my health recovery and I will save that amount again