Part 7 – Savings are the pillar of future happiness and happy life

December 2023

Namaste!   I, Balkumari, would like to extend a warm welcome to all my blog readers for this 7th part of my blog. Today, I would like to share with you all about my saving meetings. We always strive to be punctual because punctuality is an important factor for an effective meeting. We hold our saving meetings every second week of the month. During these meetings, I listen attentively to the discussions and training.

Our trainers always motivate us to save more, not only for regular savings but also for child savings and other optional savings. The trainer encourages us, and as a result, I have started saving for my child and optional savings. By saving more, we have more money to invest in our group, which has ultimately helped our business expand positively.

I always focus on the amount I have to pay and my various types of savings. In our savings group, we invest our money based on priorities such as illness, education, and business expansion. The top priority for loan disbursement is given to these categories. We can borrow money from the group’s savings pool, but we must repay it within three months with a 10% interest rate. It’s important to note that all calculations are done by us, and they are transparent. In this way, our leadership skills are also developing and all members are aware of our total savings. This month, I have taken 10,000 rupees to expand my business. I always focus on my business and manage my time well. Previously, no one trusted me to obtain loans, but now we have seed money and have started our own businesses. Additionally, we have our own funds to provide loans to us whenever needed. The training we receive from the WAWCAS program is very practical and useful in our daily lives. I strongly feel that the program has opened our eyes to new possibilities. By implementing all that we have learned and saving more, we can lead happier lives.