Part 7 – Pocket Chart Analysis (PCA): A Very effective tool

December 2023

When we first learned about PCA, we were all surprised to see where all of our money was going. After completing the training, I shared my newfound knowledge with my husband, and he was also surprised. Through this tool, we were able to understand why we were always in debt and unable to save any money. We realized that we weren’t keeping records of our expenses. This exercise made us think twice before buying new things. We would ask ourselves questions such as, “Is it necessary for our daily life?” and “Will it help make our body healthy?” As a result, my husband has significantly reduced his spending and has stopped drinking alcohol. He also started using a saving box to save money.

Time just flies this month. Our trainer conducted a PCA with us, and this time I was not surprised. I had already started keeping a record and also thinking twice before buying anything. Not only me but my husband is also doing the same thing. When my husband started saving, I felt so good and happy. Honestly, I never thought that my husband would change like that. I think this training is needed for everyone. I wish I could teach this tool to all community members so that they could also save money.