Part 6: Effective learning on sanitation

I was curious when Sajan told me that we would be having two Information Sharing Meetings (ISM) every month. At the same time, I was curious and excited for our first Issued Based Training (IBT). The topic of our first IBT meeting was “Sanitation”. To start, Sajan asked us what we knew about sanitation and we shared our knowledge. After hearing from us, Sajan explained what sanitation is and described the importance of sanitation. We had heard this term often before, but when Sajan explained its importance in detail, we realized it is a very serious issue and we must pay attention to it.

From this training, we also gained knowledge about the different non-communicable and communicable diseases, how they transmit from one person to another and the precautions. Talking about this at the first IBT meeting, it was a great learning experience for me because I gained detailed information about sanitation and the communicable and non-communicable diseases. At the end of the meeting, Sajan told all of us to practice all the learnings in our daily life and to share our knowledge with our family members and relatives.