Part 11 – I commit myself

December 2022

Our trainer Pabitra started a session with a game by dividing us into two groups with equal members. She informed us that one group should act like a male would do and another should act as a woman.  The atmosphere was full of fun, and we are asking many questions. Before the game started, she again asked which group was playing males and which were females.

Then the game started.

Norms are: We should all listen carefully to what is said and if a male’s situation is better, then the male group had to move one step forward. And if women’s situation was better, then the women’s group should move one step forward.

Pabitra said that in Nepal male literacy rate is higher than for women. We look at each other and our group (the male group) took one step forward. Everyone was listening carefully because we didn’t want to lose the game. Pabitra said in Nepal almost all governmental officers are male. Again, we took one step forward. Then she said that in Nepal the women’s population is bigger than the male population and this time the other group, i.e. the women’s group, moved forward. In the end we found that women’s situation is far behind compared to the situation of the men.

After the game, Pabitra asked, as always, how was the game and what did we learn from the game. The game was very interesting, and it was concluded that we need equity to make equality.

Pabitra asked us what we understand when we hear the words women’s rights. We concluded that the government has given us nondiscrimination between men and women, and therefore we should raise our voices and create a gender-just society. Like we have the right to fight against violence. Apart from that, the Nepali government has given special rights as follows:

  • Participation: at least 40% of women should participate at all levels
  • Education: in each School, at least one woman must be a teacher
  • Maternity leave: women have three months of maternity leave
  • Gender justice: if a personal check is needed, women police must check women
  • Transportation: reserve two seats for women

Pabitra mentioned that we should demand our rights. If they are not given for example while you are traveling if men are occupying reserved seats, then we should ask them to leave the seats.

Lastly, we concluded that we should seek our rights but we must not forget our duties/responsibilities as well.

I commit myself to implementing our rights and duties.